Insiten High-Fiver Wanted: Software Engineer Co-op

Insiten, a fast-growing business tech startup in Atlanta, is looking for talented and dedicated software devs-in-training to join our team and play a role in the continued growth of a dynamic young company.

The average day in the life of an Insiten developer includes:

  • Attending daily stand-up meetings and being immersed in Agile development;
  • Writing code, both solo and as part of a pair or a mob;
  • Learning and following best practices and standards for coding;
  • Reviewing pull requests;
  • Participating in architecture/design sessions, and;
  • Receiving valuable training.

You’ll probably also find yourself:

  • Joining internal committees, like our learning, employee recognition, and volunteering groups;
  • Attending team events like go-kart racing and rappelling down rock walls;
  • Helping design cool Insiten swag, and;
  • Arguing whether cats or dogs are better, even though we all know the answer to that

Position Qualifications:

We’re looking for people who are familiar with a variety of subject areas in software development. Our ideal applicant is what we like to call a “high-five developer”: someone who gets so excited when their code works perfectly that they high-five the person next to them.

We want students with a passion for coding. Students who have a burning desire to keep improving their skills, who love to learn about the latest tech and methods both inside and outside the classroom, who contribute to the coding community, and who truly love the craft of software development.

Bonus points and street cred if you’ve got skills in any of the following:

  • Modern front-end JavaScript framework (we use Angular)
  • CSS preprocessors and methodologies (we use SCSS and BEM)
  • SDLC/Agile
  • Git
  • Branching policies & management
  • Code reviews
  • TypeScript
  • TDD tools and techniques
  • Data visualization tools
  • Storybook
  • Database design and query languages (both relational and non-relational)
  • C#/.NET
  • Microsoft Azure